Don Callaway has been writing for as long as he can remember. The world of books was a very important part of his childhood, and he continues to be a bookaholic to this day.

He wrote while attaining both his undergraduate and masters degree from LSU and was a founding member of a playwright’s workshop theater while an undergraduate. 

Don has been a public school teacher, a university instructor, a call center representative, and an instructional designer. He has written stories and plays and poems as well as a sci-fi novel, We Three Kings (unpublished). 

While serving as a public school teacher, he noticed how few historical novels, set during the Revolutionary War, were expressly written and published for boys that were grades 4 and above. This was the germ of his historical novel, The Captain’s Boy. He is currently composing a sequel, to be called The Captain’s Spy

Born in Texas, Don grew up in Louisiana and has lived in Colorado Springs, CO; Lancaster, CA; and Denver, CO. He is presently retired and writing from his home in Cheyenne, Wyoming.